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Trust Environment Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

To conduct a brief environmental study, preliminary environmental test, and environmental impact assessment of development work, physical activities, planning projects, and programs that may affect the environment and land use. To conduct and conduct brief environmental studies as well as to provide consultancy services to the proposers in preparing Preliminary Environmental Examination (IEE) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports. To provide consultancy services to help small and big companies to create Environmental Management Systems (EMS). To provide consultancy services in waste management-related programs. To provide consultancy services for the conservation of biodiversity. To provide and provide consultation services related to climate change. To provide consultancy services to any other organizations working in the field of environment. To create a competent and competitive environment for businesses. To develop institutions as founders for environmental training and research. To increase the knowledge through various vocational training for the future development of the students of environment and those who are interested in studying environment. To empower research skills to assist in the development of environmental research. Expanding the global network for new business skills. To provide various environmental education with the approval of the Government of Nepal, the Ministries of the Government of Nepal, and governmental and non-governmental organizations. To conduct training and research in the field of environment in coordination with government organizations. To conduct public awareness training for the development of the students. To conduct civil, mechanical, electrical, electronic, transport, engineering, and all other types of construction and construction-related planning, research design, monitoring and consulting services required for engineering work as well as to conduct training seminars, workshops. To conduct scientific study and research. To collect and conduct necessary data for scientific study and research. To carry out exploratory research work and to facilitate those involved in other studies and research.

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Kapurdhara, Kathmandu

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