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TheVidhwan is a non-typical e-commerce platform that solves the common problems of students. We aim to help students financially and professionally by allowing them to buy & sell used items like notes, books, gadgets, and providing them internship/freelancing opportunities. We are here to help you trade off your unused items, DIY products, or skills. We are constantly working on evolving our services as per your needs. The Vidhwan is not your stereotypical e-commerce site. Instead, this is where you get abundant opportunities, and make money by making an impact.
A lot of us students, depend on our parents’ financial support while some of us work hard and risk compromising our studies. If you're the kind of student who likes studying but also likes to earn that extra cash with meaningful work, then you are at the right place - The Vidhwan. We make being independent a bit easier for you.

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Veenas residency, Kathmandu

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e-commerce platform, operated in samakhusi


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