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Sukraraj Tropical And Infectious Disease Hospital

Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, named after Shukraraj Shastri, commonly known as Teku Hospital, is a public hospital in Teku, Kathmandu. It is the only hospital in Nepal especially designated for the treatment of tropical and infectious diseases. The hospital was established in 1933. It has a 100-bed inpatient service. It has three ICU beds and six cabin beds. It is a national referral hospital that takes in patients referred from all over the country. It also provides training to medical students. Dr. Basudev Pandey is the current director of the hospital.

Teku Hospital is the primary hospital in the treatment of COVID-19 coronavirus. The staff at the hospital were provided training and its six-cabin beds were designated the makeshift isolation care units for handling suspected cases of the disease.

If anyone is facing the symptoms of Covid-19, it is a safe bet to talk with our doctors. Some of the contact details of the doctors from the hospital:

Dr. Shrawan K. Mishra 9851168220
Dr. Ranjit Shah 9872701465
Mr. Rajesh K. Gupta 9851239988
Mr. Dinesh Thapa Magar 9851239988
Mr. Naresh Thapa Magar 9803152149

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