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Neema Academy

Neema Education Foundation (NEF) is a Nepali ed-tech startup formed in 2018 that aims to improve the existing education system through digitization. Our foundation comprises academicians and educators with over 30 years of experience in the Nepali education sector.

Recognizing the need to upgrade the conventional learning method in Nepal, we strive to create a digital impact in the existing education system by combining our expertise with modern technologies. Supporting our endeavor, our unique LMS system -- Neema Academy App -- produces innovative learning solutions in a fun and interactive environment.

Our application, built by a dedicated in-house team, introduces blended learning technology, providing theoretical knowledge with practical and example-based content. The app presents an integrated solution with interactive learning programs and digital content like on-demand videos, textual content, 3D and animation-based content, and game-based learning, among others.

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Mahakavi Marg, Kathmandu

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