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Jai Kishan Nursery

Jai Kishan Nursery is based in Kathmandu and is regarded as one of the Oldest continuously operating Nursery in Nepal. Founded in 1976 AD (2033BS), the founders have more than four decades of experience in satisfying a lot of retail and wholesale customers & creating an unending list of happy customers.
Jai Kishan Nursery features a wide selection of indoor & outdoor pot plants, different varieties of pots fo plants, fertilizers & garden tools.

Jai Kishan Nursery also provided various services such as landscaping, gardening, designing, maintaining, and advocacy.
We at Jai Kishan Nursery help our clients to celebrate gardening and nature in its true colors. Hundreds of amazing live Plants, it is truly a Plant Lovers Paradise. Someone has rightly said
"He Who Plants a Tree, Plants a Hope! "
& we believe in living and spreading this philosophy

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Nayabasti, Kathmandu

Nearby Landmark

Nayabasti, 100 meter away from serbeswor pratikchyalaye


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9808767435, 9866473702


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