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Crust Pizza & Bread

The Crust Pizza & Bread, serves the Best of Pizza, Pasta, Bakery, Continental, Nepali & Indian Delicacies. Food Experience That Lasts Forever and Ever...

THE CRUST PIZZA & BREAD, is a local hangout on Mid-baneshwor where we have passion on serving the food which your taste bud will always recall. Crust Pizza and Bread has a friendly and cozy environment for individual who love to have a coffee or is a foodie, friends who would like to make memories with a good food or have a drink with live performance, families who would like to have a good time with their close one and shower affection, corporate team who would like to have a after party and much more...

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mid baneshwor, Kathmandu

Nearby Landmark

50m from Aspire career & education,Panchkanya marg, near Eyeplex mall


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