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Castello Cashmere Industries

“The world’s finest cashmere, sensibly priced and expertly crafted into beautiful, contemporary styles that will make you feel special and look wonderful each and every time you wear them.”

That was my inspiration when I founded Castello Cashmere in 2015 and it remains at our heart, always. Our Cashmere is the softest and the finest you’ll found, but to truly appreciate the Castello Cashmere difference, you really have to experience it for yourself.

Our loyal customers love our Cashmere, and I’m confident that you will too- and just in case you’re not completely happily –you can return your purchase absolutely freely.

CCI has knitting and weaving unit in Kritipur-1,Kathmandu, Nepal with exclusive Factory Outlet (showroom) located at Motimahal building 1st floor ,Darbarmarga, Kathmandu.
Our customers are international fashion brands and also small boutiques.

Cashmere Introduction
Pashmina/Cashmere Fiber:-It is fine animal-hair fiber obtained from the undercoat of a domesticated Chyangra/Cashmere goat (Capra/Hirus).

Cashmere products made from fibers of Himalayan goats –a goat that lives up in the Himalaya where the nature has provided these animals such fibers –is a symbol of status, wealth as well as is good for health.

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Kirtipur tyangalaphat , Kathmandu

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Kirtipur,tyanglaphat near littel stap school.


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