Exit Interviews:

Why Even Bother?

We all are very much familiar with the word "Interview". It is a process /tool to understand candidates for a particular role at work . Business houses need staffs for various functions: they select people through interview. Government needs people to serve at different offices: they select people through interview. Somebody needs a driver: he/she selects through interview. Just like that, many more work relationships are established with interview being the final selection process.

 Work relationship is always in a position which can be terminated. At the point of entry, interview is the key process for selection. People selected are bound to work with the strategy and resources they are provided with. Some people do well and continue working whereas some people leave.

High employee turnover ratio is always a problem for organizations. This destabilizes the team, hinders team performance, deliverables, productivity, creativity, innovation and morale. Thus, among many others, one of the major success criteria for any department, is low employee turnover. Employees leave organization because of various reasons such as better opportunity elsewhere, low employee morale, lack of growth, starting a business, hostile work environment, lack of leadership, and many more reasons.

From an organization's perspective, it is very much important to understand reasons for departure of employees. Here, the exit interview plays a very vital role and possibly help organizations understand, if any, shortcomings in the management that made employees want to leave. With feedbacks of employees during exit interviews, organizations should look for areas of improvement to enhance employee satisfaction.

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