Bpazes.com welcomes public

to use its restrooms

Imagine yourself in the middle of Kathmandu valley and you feel the urge and it goes beyond control. When nature calls, the urge is so bad. You have been in that situation. We all have been in that situation. There are not too many public restrooms in Kathmandu valley which is why we all have suffered every now and then. If we all work together and co-ordinate, the problem is solved right here and right now.

Bpazes, a private company, acknowledges its social responsibility towards the community it serves, and announces that the company is opening its restrooms for public. We also urge other private companies to join the social cause and be responsible towards our community and society.

Bpazes has also published a feature in its website to locate public restrooms in Kathmandu. Community members can navigate to bpazes.com then click ‘More’ in the top navigation bar and click ‘Public Toilet’ to browse public restrooms around them. Alternatively, users can browse public restrooms directly from https://bpazes.com/c/services-19?subid1=349.

Public and private companies and even generous house owners who are joining the cause to open their restrooms to the public can register their restroom location through bpazes.com. Alternatively, they can simply email the details at info@bpazes.com and we will register the location for them.

We firmly believe that this small effort of ours can solve huge problem in the city we live. Again, we are just being responsible towards the society, and we urge other businesses operating in the society to do the same. We also urge our readers to request their employers to open their organization's restrooms for public. Now is the time to put an end to this suffering and roam freely around our city without having the fear of not finding public toiltes around in emergency situation.

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