Professional Fascination?

CCTV Station and Smart Home, headquartered in Thapagaun, Kathmandu, is a supplier in security systems including but not limited to CCTV security solutions for home, office, and community. It is also located in Pokhara and Chabahil and is planning to expand its operations in Putalisadak and Charikot to keep up with the ever growing demand of security systems.

In this company, there works a talented youth, Hom Bahadur Subedi, who is also known as Bhim within his friends and relatives. He works in the company as a technical manager. Today we bring his story, a not so much extraordinary story but a story most of us can relate to; a story of struggles, passion and continuity. This is the story of a common Nepali citizen.

Bhim grew up in a small family in Koteshwor, Kathmandu where his parents used to run a small coffee and bakery shop to earn a living. His parents wanted him to work in a shoe factory where their relatives used to work. Bhim denied. He had different plans with what he wanted to do in his life. He was fascinated by technology. Bhim says; “I was always curious about computer hardware.”

Sharing his childhood days, Bhim says; “After completion of SEE, previously called SLC, I used to go to Cyber together with my friends to play games and to learn more about computer parts like CPU, hardware and wire functions. Then, I joined high school/Intermediate (10+2) in Management Stream in 2009 where students were given an option to choose either Economics or Computer Science as an elective course. Knowing my fascination towards computers and hardware, I chose computer science and later found out that only one other student chose computer science.”

“The computer instructor didn’t run the class properly due to the number of students being only two. I was not learning much about computers in the class. However, I didn’t give up and decided to join ‘Computer Hardware and Basic Networking’ trainings to learn more about things I am fascinated towards.”

While getting the training Bhim and one of his friends came up with an idea to get hands on experience with computers and hardware. They published their visiting cards and conducted the door to door campaigns asking homeowners if Bhim and his friend could resolve any desktop related technical issues. They fixed hardware and other minor issues in some homes. They kept knocking doors for work and ultimately, their confidence together with their skills grew over time.

One day Bhim received a job offer to install the CCTV, he readily accepted the offer and that’s how he got into CCTVs. Over the time, Bhim worked in different companies like Quick Tech Pvt. Ltd, Milestone high Tech Engineering, Three solutions device info Pvt.Ltd etc. During his employment tenure at JSS Group (Shree Shyam Bahadur Concern Pvt. Ltd), he received an exposure to CCTV factories in Shenzhen, China where he got an opportunity to get an in-depth insight of CCTV hardware issues and software firmware solution.

During the pandemic, Bhim and his team demonstrated CCTV functions to Tribhuvan International Airport team to monitor social distancing and use of masks by airport passengers. While sharing his thermal CCTV installation experience at the airport, Bhim says; “Security officers were not letting us in saying that they were unclear how our efforts could help mitigate the virus spread. We were allowed in once we explained.”

When asked about a crazy day at work, Bhim says; “I and couple of my colleagues went to Baglung for 3G mobile network installation. While I was climbing on the telecom tower, one of my colleagues suddenly shut down the main power creating a network outage for about half an hour. My company paid the compensation for the outage me and my team caused and then the company cut off my salary”.

“It’s just one of those days at work”, says Bhim.

Talking about his professional satisfaction, he says; “I am not rich. I am not famous. I am just a manager at a reputed company, and I worked hard to get to this stage. I am here at this position only because of my passion in networking and hardware. What I did not know back then was that I would be installing CCTVs. When I think about my job, I feel happy that the cameras I install give people a sense of security. People feel safe because of the work I do, and I am proud of that.”

When asked about his advice to others, he says; “Combination of dedication, motivation, confidence and most importantly patience can make impossible things happen. All of us fail and it’s very important that we fail because failures bring dreams to life. While the name and fame give you a comfortable life, the point is not to be rich or famous. The point in life is to be happy and satisfied and be proud of things we do. Knowing that people feel safe because my work; I am happy and satisfied and proud of what I do, and you should too feel the same way about the things you do.”

Kamal Bhusal, Kathmandu, Nov 11, 2020

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