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Personality Development-batch Two

This 5-hour session is exclusively designed for those who wants to understand pattern of behavior and manners essential in corporate culture. Participants will learn how to analyze their personality and find ways to improve it.

This course is for:

1. Youths
2. Job seekers
3. Working Professionals
4. Anyone who wants to improve and develop their personality

Course Investment : Rs. 700
Course Duration : 5 hours
Training Method : Online
E-certificate will be provided after course completion.
Registration Link :

Course Contents:
1. Self-Discovery
Understand your strengths using self-assessment tools and define what differentiates you from the other individuals around you.
2. Self-Development
Understand your strengths and maximize the value of these, alongside a clear growth plan.
3. Growth Plan
Clarifying your vision for the future and understanding how to keep yourself both inspired and motivated.
4. Self-Awareness
Importance of ongoing reflection and managing stress in your role. How to gain control of yourself be empowered, through moving to cause and examining your habits.
5. Appearance
Understand need to work on your appearance to persuade and gain trust from the person around you.
6. Online Presence
Understand netiquette which matter the most as a tool for career management and how you can demonstrate your expertise to your contact through online presence.
7. Communication
Learn ABC’s of Effective Communication to improve your communication skills and transform your body language to gain confidence.
8. Business Meals and Networking
Polishing yourself how you can practice and improve your personality during business meals and networking to help you achieve your maximum potential.

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